TMI—Breadstick Abuse

I was pondering how it is that this bacteria can take over women’s bodies so easily. Then it dawned on me…breadstick abuse. That’s right. I am calling all of you out for using your breadsticks in lieu of a B.O.B. Their warm stick-like shape is just too tempting for you to resist.

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Becca-ism #89456

Capri pants are the new mom jeans.  People hate me for this one.  My theory is that if my 80-year-old mother wore them….well connect the dots. Really, if you’re shorter than 5’10 and fatter than 150, it doesn’t do you … Continue reading

Becca-ism #421

When eating out with someone who accidentally blurts out something sexual, laugh really loud.  Then pretend that you’re talking about Fifty Shades of Grey while uncontrollably giggling…down there.   This way, the blond behind you that rudely turned around and stared can go back … Continue reading

Ladies of the Gym

Dear ladies of the gym, I  appreciate that you enjoy being ogled by the opposite sex.  You want to be unique like the other 8 thousand woman who look like you.  I understand gyms are a great place to pick up … Continue reading