WTF Friday #4

Hobbling Around challenged several bloggers to write a Pity Party post.  Seeing as this is WTF Friday, I said WTF, and started my own Pity Party: My brother-in-law has been serving overseas.  While he has been deployed, my sister has been taking … Continue reading

Did You Know?

Did you know that banging your head against the wall burns 150 calories an hour?  I didn’t either. I just found out because while brainstorming ideas for posts, my friggin’ blog host posted my brainstorm.  Sigh…again, the email subscribers will … Continue reading

Dear Ladies Who Date Douchebags

Recently, I posted a Becca-ism on the douchebag uniform.  If you’re unfamiliar with it, you can click here.  I was considering this today, when I received a phone call from a friend, sobbing.  You see, often, my girlfriends will cry over a … Continue reading

Dear Jeremy

Lady or Not…Here I Come welcomes back our genius, guest writer Jeremy.  He is the owner of the blog If you have any questions that you would like to submit to Jeremy, please email me: Learning to Keep or Drop Friends … Continue reading

Trending Travesty

I have often wondered what causes something to trend on the internet.  Why is it that people care so much about one topic but not another?  Why is it that people care so much about Dora the Explorer’s Butt, when … Continue reading

Becca-ism #594

Dear Romper Woman, Rompers on babies are super cute!  Rompers on grown women, with most of your wrinkly butt out the back…not so much. Thanks, Other ladies at the nail salon This Becca-ism is brought to you by a truly tragic scene Becca had … Continue reading

Friggin’ Mistakes

Preface:  This is the edited version of Friggin’ Mistakes.  If you are an email follower, you have recieved the Becca F*cked version.  Enjoy your day. You all are wonderful readers of my nonsense.  I laugh while I write 90% of … Continue reading

Becca-ism #235

Yes honey, I am talking faster and faster so you can’t get in a word.  Bless your heart,  once your motormouth starts running, I won’t have a chance to say what I called about. Therefore, I will finish my thought and … Continue reading