My long time friends can all tell you that I liked bacon before it was cool to like bacon.  Every time I like something, it isn’t cool at first.  Then some trend happens, and now my love of bacon is … Continue reading

WTF Friday #8

Welcome to WTF #8  This means is 2 months old.  Thanks to all of you loyal readers. If you ever have suggestions for WTF Friday please email Becca at …. Suggestions make her life so much easier. Real products You can … Continue reading

Baby You Know I Love You but You Just Can’t Smile

Did you ever play that game as a teenager?  While other teenagers were playing spin the bottle I was playing games at church. I was the type of teen that would go to church every day of the week they … Continue reading

Becca-ism #3389

Yes I can cook. I made love to the guacamole I made last night.  After a few margaritas we invited some fajitas for a nice Ménage à trois.  I fully accepted that after this threesome, my butt would be stalked.  It was worth it.   … Continue reading

News Alert–Monkeys

Breaking news:  Lady or Not…Here I Come News Flash from the world’s most trusted news source. With elections looming in the US, news has lacked on the animal front.  Lady or Not…Here I Come just received a private message from an inside … Continue reading

Lady or Not? Part 1

In many ways I am a girly girl.  I like my nails and hair done just so.  I fuss if a man  doesn’t anticipate my whims.  I like all things that sparkle and I dislike sports.  All this being said, … Continue reading

Celebrating Spectacular Stats

This isn’t Becca, it’s Jason. In fact, Becca doesn’t even know I’m making this post. Because she is surely sleeping. It can be exhausting being Practically Perfect, you know. Also, Because she is sleeping, she doesn’t know that I am … Continue reading

Unemployment Advice

First I would like everyone to check out the I Visited on Saturday and She Forgot to be Funny award winners. 1. Stealing Pesos out of My Brain—This one gave me the idea for my post today as well … Continue reading

Becca-ism #71

I never understood the point of the phrase have your cake and eat it too.  Why in the world would I have a cake that I couldn’t eat? I want my cake to eat and then I want to eat … Continue reading