Blogtoberfest: Slutoween

First I want to give a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you that have participated in Blogtoberfest.  It means a great deal to me that a blog of two months old was able to get so … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest: Snow White’s Troubles

On Saturday I went shopping for a costume for me. I had no idea of what to be, so I went through the list of things my friends have suggested for me over the years: Wonder Woman, Velma, Snow White, … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest: Stupid Sports

On Friday, I was asked by ATFSports if I like to watch football. I said that I don’t at all, but I do love to throw a big football party. He used this as an excuse to torture me by challenging me … Continue reading

Bro Seeks Bro, Part II

So, Becca is off tonight doing some girl thing. I always get suspicious of “girl things.” After all, they can bleed for a week and still live. Alright, that’s more girl parts, and when I say “girl things” I mean when girls … Continue reading

Forgot to Be Funny: Buggy Style

It’s Saturday again, time for Becca to forget to be funny. Yesterday, I heard a buzzing near the window. Of I course I assumed it must be a giant wasp or the fly from the movie The Fly.  Basically anything … Continue reading

WTF Friday #11

Shout-outs: Doggystyle wrote a nice little not funny/ironically funny post for Becca forgot to be funny. Check out this blog! Brian wrote a great story for trifecta and Blogtoberfest, check it out! Real Products: Ever want smokey water and just … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest: Family Photos

A quick shout out to ATFsport for writing a post to my breasts based on yesterdays breast cancer awareness post.  Apparently, I am his blog girlfriend  I am sure he just wanted all the women to be aware of breast … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest: Rambling Game

Thanks to both: Penandpapercrazy for participating in Blogtoberfest with a movie review AND Janbeek who forgot to be funny! I was sitting here on the couch contemplating what to write because my friend Jason has me on a deadline … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest: Bah humbug, Drug-Free America

Okay people….I put my pants back on to write this post, so you know it is important. First thanks to Jeremy at for participating in Blogtoberfest.  It would mean a lot if you would check out his post. Let’s say, hypothetically, that … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest: Another Cry

What is worse than an ugly cry during a chick flick? You’re about to find out. You know what ladies just love?  Sitting and watching old movies with the love of their life.  All of the sudden it is suggested … Continue reading