WTF Friday #16

First let me ask my readers to please remind me it is Thursday, on Thursdays. This is the second time I almost forgot it was Friday.  Three people knew what I was writing, and knew that Fridays I do WTF, … Continue reading

No Teacher Are Going to Learn My Kid!

Yesterday, I came across an article about lessons on the Boston Tea Party, in Tex-Ass.  The lesson asks teachers to teach critical thinking skills by presenting different points of view to students. What if the BTP was not an act of patriotism?  Keep in mind that this … Continue reading

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

Everyday my readers bitch and moan comment that this blog lacks a “like” button.  This button is a lifeline in the blogging world for those that read but don’t know what to say. WordPress (the software that I run my … Continue reading

What I Learned This Week–Down by the River

This week I traveled to see family.  The time was filled with fun and adventure but I am going to stick to what happened in the 1249 miles I traveled in a van; and yes it was down by the river. My … Continue reading

Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #1

The Great and Wonderful Becca has invited me to become a regularly scheduled guest blogger here at Lady or Not… Here I Come. You can now look forward to my posts every Sunday. I’m not as naturally funny as our … Continue reading

A Sheety Question

A few years ago we were visiting family.  One side of our family is quite large.  I would guess there are more than 20 people.  While the main house is quite large, housing that many to sleep is a bit … Continue reading

WTF Friday #15

Today is the Friday after Thanksgiving and some of you are tired of hearing about it.  Most of your greedy butts are hitting the Becca Black Friday sales in hope that the items you buy at a reduced price will … Continue reading

Bro Seeks Bro: Thanksgiving “Date”

If you’ve been a long-time reader of Lady or Not, Here I Come, you may be familiar with my previous posts in this series, Bro Seeks Bro (Parts I & II). Well, yours truly now finds himself home alone for … Continue reading

“Chore” rhymes with “bore”

I am one of the select: I get to interact with Becca on a regular basis.  This is why I’m so careful not to reveal my physical address, because I know that if I were to do that, there would … Continue reading