Behavior Mafia Strikes Again

Hello Ladies, It is our pleasure to interview the illustrious and bawdy Becca of Lady or Not… Here I Come! We, of course, do not condone or approve of anything this woman might compose for her narcissistic pablum known as a blog. Please … Continue reading

Lady Speak

We all know that women have their own language.  What does this mean?  Is it Greek? Is it Chinese?  Nope, men speak those languages too.  Our language is only for us.  It doesn’t have a name; it just is. The thing … Continue reading

Pretty Please

Y’all know I am a real writer. I’m not one of those crazy people that call myself a writer but show up to write without pants.  I’m so classy that I put on pants and a bra just to write … Continue reading

Valenmance Ideas

As Valentine’s day approaches, everyone is quaking in fear. Most of you probably haven’t even realized it is two weeks and three days from now.  Have you ordered her gift?  Did you get him a card yet?  Do you pretend to … Continue reading

Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #10: Tips on Wooing Women

As you no doubt picked up from last week’s Gentleman or Not installment, I have quite the way with women. My recent singularity has led me to rediscover  what I do best. So as a public service, I am presenting … Continue reading

Football Sucks

Today is Becca forgot to be funny day… yep, again. Today we will talk about football.  I am currently in the process of smiling and nodding as a friend prattles on about fantasy football. I haven’t heard from my husband … Continue reading

WTF Friday #24

Real products: Ever want to play Russian Roulette but chickened out? Now you can test how good you are at this game with a one of a kind Japanese toy. Instead of a bullet, you get kicked in the head! Who doesn’t need a kick in the head? (source)   … Continue reading

The Judgmental Waiter

As many of you know, my waiters tend to fall in love with me. They jump at my every whim, bring me water all the time, and ask if they can take my order.  If you’re unfamiliar, you can read … Continue reading

It’s Too Late Now! It Won’t Count.

If you’re a man, and lost your virginity, you know this phrase.  It translates to: No win situation. “It’s too late now.  It won’t count.” This is the phrase uttered by every female in existence.  I am sure even female dolphins … Continue reading

Dear Girlfriends

Dear Girlfriends, We are joined at the hip, even though yours are smaller than mine; I still adore ya. This means that although we will have our good times and our bad times, we will never light the fuses on … Continue reading