And We Liked It

tumblr mczxx1wt3Q1rvaj6zo1 500 And We Liked It“Inspire me Becca.”  I hear this phrase often from people that love me and love to write.  They think that because I write every day, I have some sort of in with the writing fairies that dish out ideas.  I tell them that I don’t have ideas for myself, and often what comes out is so vile that even my own husband won’t share my posts on his facebook page.  Do they really want their family members to hang their heads in shame and giggle?

shirt And We Liked It

Rod, resist the temptation!

Today I will not inspire you.  I will not engage your inner nerd.  I will not bring hope to gnarly toe people.  I will not give you fashion advice to thumb your nose at, and/or end up with something entirely different (like a nerd shirt, Rod).  I will not teach you to make homemade sex toys like one of my lovely readers linked yesterday.  I will definitely not make you a sandwich, because I expect others to make them for me.

I will only complain about the sonic blast I bought today for the little people in my life (snickers with caramel).  When my hypothetical son took a bite of snickers, he also got a bite of another broken cup (or at least I hope that’s what it was).  He complained a bit, but I told him to suck it up.  In my day, we were lucky to get a bit of styrofoam for dinner (and weeeee liked it!).  If we got some ice cream with it, we thought we’d won the lottery.


yum2 And We Liked It

Super yummy! This is what we had in our Sonic blast. Looks like a tooth.



Lady or Not… Here I Come!


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  1. Sometimes the easiest and hardest three word statement to say is “I love you” followed by the person’s name, this case Viktoria H., in which case it is four words

  2. my material comes from the heart, when I create artwork, the passion begins to flow, from a wealth of life’s experiences, pains and sufferings, for all the women I used to know, and who died much too early, I shall keep your memory alive through my creations and words of poetry

  3. I hope that came about by two cups beings stuck together and the worker did not notice a piece fell into the other one! I think it is good to tell kids to ‘tough it out’ but I am sure you also are a great person to sympathize with their hard days. I can’t believe you didn’t rant!

    • I ranted. ;) I bet that is what happened. You’re right, I am a bit mushy with them when it comes to things that matter. I am a super kissy huggy snuggle mommy.

  4. Firstly, I miss you and promise that I haven’t been ignoring you. HONEST ENGINE.

    Now on to important things. I want that t-shirt! But, you know, El Rey Pulpo style.

  5. Becca, I didn’t realize you were around for the birth of styrofoam, I thought you were so much younger LOL I was so disappointed when you decided to not write about making your own homemade sex toys and fashion. Those almost go hand in hand. Oh well, I guess I will have to wait until next week for that. When your really bored and the writing fairies sprinkle something on you. Take care, Bill

  6. Some very interesting things in foods we eat. I once ate a Twinkie that had wax in it. But, the best was when I drank a milkshake (little tyke) that had a sewing needle in the bottom of it! Now, today, you would sue, own 1/2 the restaurant, and never work again. Then, I remember just wondering how it got there and nothing more being said of it. I don’t even know if my family remembers that.

  7. You always inspire me. Some people might call them demands, but I only call them inspiration. I keep a trump card in my pocket. When I have nothing else to write about, I write about writing. It’s intellectual masturbation: you don’t have anything other topic to intercourse with, you just do it with the activity itself.

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  9. It’s easy to see
    I’m a stylistic refugee.
    Your evident passion
    to make me cognizant of fashion
    despite my noble fight
    against torn jeans, bling, and shirts that are tight
    is a clear contravention
    of the Geneva Convention.
    Article 2 was revised on March 3rd
    and gives me the right to dress like a nerd.

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