Becca-ism #15123

If your boss is a bitch, and your mother-in-law is a bitch, and your sister is a bitch, and your best friend is a bitch… maybe they aren’t. Just look at the common denominator.  Maybe it isn’t them.  Why don’t you try to crack a smile and see if ya like it?  Bless your heart, frowning like that all the time is giving you frown lines.  Smiling is cheaper than Botox.

*actually something I have said aloud to more than one person.

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Lady or Not… Here I Come!


Becca-ism #15123 — 75 Comments

  1. That’s like a line from the TV show “Justified” I saw last week. It went something like this: If the first person you encounter in the day is an a**hole, then he’s probably an a**hole. If everybody you encounter that day is an a**hole, then it’s probably you who’s the a**hole. Or something along those lines. I thought it was funny, and I like your version, too!

  2. Yeah I know people like that who are always having the same issues repeatedly with different people. Patterns is a very important word they need to add to their vocabulary ;)

  3. Your picture of the Joker cracked me up. I agree that if everyone around you is a bitch it probably isn’t them, but when it is that one person… Yeah.

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  6. You sound just like my dad, lol — he used to tell me to watch out and look at myself if I thought everybody else was wrong and I was right, because one or two people can be wrong, but when it’s a bunch of them, they probably aren’t ALL wrong!

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