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I think push up pops were invented by someone with left over sherbet they didn’t know how to use up.  Frustrated, they gave up, went to the toilet and saw their kids had left the cardboard on the toilet paper roller.  There were also about five of the cardboard rolls laying on the ground and they thought… I’ll show them!

Think about it.

cardboard Becca ism #76424



Lady or Not… Here I Come!


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  1. What’re the handles, then? Toilet bowl brush bristles melted down with the fires of Mount Doom and spite? Wait… Mount Doom… sherbert… lava… toilet paper roll… Barad-dur… this is all a plot by a bunch of angry orc! Even now, they try to have their revenge.

  2. Now that is definitely on the icky side :(

    Hey Becca…

    If you enjoy a bit of porno
    then call into my extra pages
    Don’t worry there is a funny
    twist to this request but for
    you to find out what that is…

    You will have to call in to watch
    Have a wicked rest of evening…

    Andro xxx

  3. Becca, your explaination could be as factual as any other on this topic. But yours is the 1st one I have read so I am taking it as gospel, thanks for explaining it. Take care, Bill

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