Becca-ism #999

Ever been too tired to write, but then you decide you want to think some thoughtful thoughts; something to knock people’s socks off?  The problem is you have no thoughtful thoughts because you’re all thought out. Yeah me either, so … Continue reading

Becca-ism #22644

Excuse me sir, your pool attire is indecent.  I am a married woman for goodness sake. Your rock hard abs and beautiful caramel skin makes my tongue fall out of my mouth.  If I looked that good with my shirt … Continue reading

Becca-ism #15123

If your boss is a bitch, and your mother-in-law is a bitch, and your sister is a bitch, and your best friend is a bitch… maybe they aren’t. Just look at the common denominator.  Maybe it isn’t them.  Why don’t you try … Continue reading

Becca-ism #76424

I think push up pops were invented by someone with left over sherbet they didn’t know how to use up.  Frustrated, they gave up, went to the toilet and saw their kids had left the cardboard on the toilet paper roller.  There were also about five of … Continue reading