Behavior Mafia Strikes Again

Hello Ladies, It is our pleasure to interview the illustrious and bawdy Becca of Lady or Not… Here I Come! We, of course, do not condone or approve of anything this woman might compose for her narcissistic pablum known as a blog. Please … Continue reading

Dear Ms. Mafia — Cussin

Dear Ms. Mafia, Never in all my days have I come across such a string of 50 cent Yankee words as you throwed in this aritical. (click) The only one I knew was “coitus”, and that’s cause one time I was lookin up … Continue reading

Ms. Behavior Mafia–Profanity

Ladies, Perhaps the English language is difficult for a young woman to comprehend.  We walk amongst a plethora of foul-mouthed plebeians in our daily endeavors.  This garish populace will not bite their tongues. Expletives are used as transitive and intransitive verbs in order to hide their evil nature. This practice is … Continue reading