Lessons from this Week: Panic and Havoc

It was a beautiful Friday.  The sun was shining, but not too intensely.  The birds were chirping and the baby birds outside the garage had hatched. Then slowly the cloud cover started to roll in and I knew Jason’s arrival … Continue reading

What I Learned This Week–Down by the River

This week I traveled to see family.  The time was filled with fun and adventure but I am going to stick to what happened in the 1249 miles I traveled in a van; and yes it was down by the river. My … Continue reading

Lessons from this week—Travel

Again, my week was full of fun and adventure.  This week I traveled to Houston and Denver. Some anecdotes are better left unsaid but the police didn’t say I couldn’t repeat them, so whatever…. You may have already participated in … Continue reading

Lessons from this Week—Picking up Women

I have had many house guests this summer.  This weekend I had a great friend come visit and we went out two nights in a row.  We met an interesting cast of characters. Top five lessons from this weekend (picking … Continue reading