WTF Friday #50

Real Products: Do you wear your food?  Does your carpet look like a Picasso with wine and stains?  Do you lack vaginal dryness?  Never Wet is the answer for you! (Watch video here) You can avoid stains on anything you want to chemically … Continue reading

WTF Friday #49

Real Products: Ever feel like your bras are underachieving? Do they just cover your breasts and lift them up?  Do you wish your bra would get off it’s lazy ass and do more work?  Not me: mine is overtaxed and … Continue reading

WTF Friday #48

Real Products: If you were a child of the 80′s and 90′s like I was, you remember the saying, “Be kind and rewind.”  I’m sure you shed tears on a regular basis because you miss being able to do that. … Continue reading

WTF Friday #47

Real Products:  If you live in my house, you know how hard it is to keep people out of your ice cream. Now you can buy a lock from Ben & Jerry’s for $5.70.  There is no “I” in team … Continue reading

WTF Friday #46

Want a pet you can walk but you don’t have to pay much attention to? Why not try fish? With this contraption, your fish never have to feel lonely again.

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WTF Friday #45

Real Products: Feeling unprepared for the imminent zombie apocalypse?  Well, a company called Harcos Labs has got your back.  For only $6.77, you can feast on zombie jerky.  The company also sells zombie blood, and dried zombie skin.  Evidently, they … Continue reading

WTF Friday #44

Real Products: Sometimes we want a coat; sometimes we want it made out of men’s chest hair.  I don’t, but I heard rumors that you might.  I think chest hair is just an extension of pubic hair, but what do … Continue reading

WTF Friday #43

Have lines and wrinkles on your face? Now you don’t have to worry. They will disappear with a Japanese mouth exerciser. For only $61 you too can have your mouth look like the picture on the left.

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WTF Friday #42 Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

Like pickles? How about the juice? Why not indulge in Pickle Pops. The world’s leader in frozen pickle juice. Nothing tickles pickles more than pops.

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WTF Friday #41

Real Products: For you crafty folks, I found this dye paper.  For the wonderful price of $19.99, you can turn your paper cutouts into t-shirt transfers.  This is an actual add for the product.  Apparently, it’s magic.  Look!  It turns … Continue reading