“The Mother of all Meltdowns”

“When I have kids, they’re going to eat mostly veggies because that’s what they’re going to know.” Yeah, I was dumb.

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WTF Friday #45

Real Products: Feeling unprepared for the imminent zombie apocalypse?  Well, a company called Harcos Labs has got your back.  For only $6.77, you can feast on zombie jerky.  The company also sells zombie blood, and dried zombie skin.  Evidently, they … Continue reading

Say What?

As you may or may not know, I’m re-entering the dating game after a quarter century hiatus.  This may seem like a long time, but . . . oh hell, who am I kidding, it is a long time.  But … Continue reading

Multiple Offenses

Several months ago, I wrote a post for Becca about one of her deepest, darkest secrets: how she superglued a cabinet handle in the bathroom of a house she sold, and then failed to inform the buyers about it. Yes, … Continue reading

Love is a Drug

Once again, Becca asked me to write a Sunday post for her.  After checking to make sure my brandy bottle was at least half full, I reluctantly agreed.  One of the most brutal parts about writing a post for Becca … Continue reading

1000 Throat Punches

This post is aimed at the women in my audience and the men that want to understand our shopping practices better… all one of you.  I swear, this is how shopping is for us. There are a few stores out … Continue reading

WTF Friday #37

A man called 911 because had a desire for burgers and Kool-Aid. He thought they might deliver it to him. Not only did they refuse this reasonable request, but they threw him in jail to boot.

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Talking Becca Down From the Delete Key

Other times I feel like a hostage negotiator, or perhaps a suicide counselor. Imagine this scene: the top of a skyscraper, late at night, a lone figure standing at the edge of the ledge, silhouetted…

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And We Liked It

“Inspire me Becca.”  I hear this phrase often from people that love me and love to write.  They think that because I write every day, I have some sort of in with the writing fairies that dish out ideas.  I tell them … Continue reading