I’ll take that challenge

Yesterday, I was reading other blogs.  I happened onto a blog that was participating in a writing challenge.  The challenge was Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it. The blogger was fussing about the challenge and the person who wrote it being bored.  I told the blogger I was going to take the challenge.

Today we are going to talk about my body parts that define me.  The parts of me that people think of when they are thinking of me.   We will discuss the parts of the body I am the most comfortable with.

th 002 2 Ill take that challenge

too sexy!

Elbow:  My Elbow is pure sexiness.  This is the part of my body I am the most comfortable with. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure other people have great elbows. But no one can compete with mine.  Look at it.  It bends in the right places and rest on the arm rests like a pro.  You know, not every elbow is ash free (though on Ash Wednesday I don’t mind it being a little ashy).  My elbow requires no care or lotions. The best part is it crooks just perfectly to hold a beautiful purse.  (hint hint)

 Ill take that challenge

Not the Iris. The white!


Whites of Eyes:  You have heard people say, “I won’t believe he is coming until I see the whites of his eyes.”  Now you may not know this, but my eyes whites are how they define the color white.  My eyes are not cream colored, egg shell, or even bride white.   My eye whites are sexy white.  This picture might not be safe for work…it is steamy.  Reader beware.



th 010 Ill take that challenge

Sexy curves


My ears:  My ears are very unusual.  If you look at the photo to your right, you will see that they have a lobe and a canal.  Things can go into that canal, like q-tips and my finger.  What’s so sexy about my ear?  Come on!  Don’t you see all the sexy curves.  Men like curves.



th IMG000103 Ill take that challenge

They are mine!

My Glasses:  I know you’re thinking glasses are not a part of me.  Apparently they are. As I mentioned before, men are always telling me how much they like my glasses.  They have been described as hot, sexy, cute, great, fun, nice, pretty, stylish, etc.  Therefore, I must include them.  See how tiny they make my head look.  I can be a bug, for bug fetish guys.



 Ill take that challenge

Nice shoe holders, don’t you think?

My shoe holders:  Foot fetish people, look away.  My shoe holders are spectacular.  They don’t stink.  They hold up my body.  They walk everywhere.  They even curl.  What you might not know about my shoe holders is they are also known as feet.  Yeah , I know that’s an ugly word.  They prefer the name shoe holders. The prettier the shoes are, the better they function.  You might be asking yourself what size these shoe holders are, and rightfully so.  Maybe one day you will want to buy my shoe holders some beautiful stilettos.  If that is the case, follow my blog religiously and we can talk.  (whispers 6 1/2)


Ladies and Gentleman, I do hope that you are also so comfortable with your body.

IMG0048 Ill take that challenge



Lady or Not…Here I Come


I’ll take that challenge — 95 Comments

  1. What a way to analyze yourself. I wish I could put up a blog like this where people can come express and share their personality. You look very beautiful, and i can say I’m also cute..lol

  2. Even better if the shoe holders and elbows get matching accessories. It’s like a party at the trendiest club in town. Something nice on the earring holders would be like taking it to the roof.

    Ok that’s enough metaphors for now.

  3. This made me smile :D I love it, especially the elbow bit. I wish that more folks would pay attention to how beautifully and wonderful crafted the elbow is…Hopefully its day will come. I rather like your blog and it makes me happy. I’m glad I checked it out! :)

  4. Re: the glasses. Do you know how many people have found my blog typing in some combination of “Tina Fey” + “Naked” + “Glasses”? Far more than you would expect.

    I would claim to like my money maker the best just because I like to chant along with James Brown when he sings, “Shake your money maker! Shake your money maker!”

    • lol…hey Tina Fey (I have a girl crush on her) and glasses..yep, mine are hot. So yeah she is naked with glasses. People find me with Dora’s butt, something about dildos, and girls working out in yoga pants with no panties. I think I might trump you! ;) LMAO thanks for the comment. Hope to see you soon.

  5. Dem Elbows girl… Dem Elbows… So fine… Seriously though. WHY DIDN’T I think of this?! UGH! Next time! Next time! Also nice earlobes and nice eye whites. Although next time no visine! I want you taking a photo of the whites of your eyes after a late night of drinking with 3 hours of sleep. :-)

  6. Yeah, but do your elbows MATCH? I notice we only see the left one, and though it is magnificent, I have to wonder about the other. What are you hiding?

  7. A fascinating discovery in the form of these aforementioned body
    parts, indeed I would imagine that there are hoards of fetish seekers
    just itching to know more, perhaps even delve into the darker areas
    where all manners of differing techniques and experimentation lives…

    The imagination is a wonderful tool don’t you think? Okay time for
    me to take a look at a few more of your offerings and then return to
    My Gothic Realm… By the way I like your Space my friend…

    Have a most exquisite
    rest of evening Rebecca :)

    Androgoth Xx

    • I can’t worry about fetish seekers because pretty much anything I posted would find it’s way into someones mind. Thank you so much. You have a lovey evening too.


  8. Thank you for liking my Haiku, Love Lost and Found.
    When I saw your picture (a couple of them) I had to look a lot closer. You so look like one of my daughters. She’s in the UK. You sound a little like her too, in a sort of profane way ;) Nice blog, adn posts. Keep up the good work.

  9. So glad you found my blog – and liked. If you have time dig around a bit. See what you find. Yours is the first blog which has very nearly caused me to piss myself laughing at first reading.
    Re my body, I’m really happy with my head. Since brain surgery last year, I’ve got two cool scars across my forehead which allow me, when not using my spectacles, to slot my glasses into, so avoiding them slipping down or losing them. I recommend having your nut sliced into if you’re prone to losing your specs.

  10. Magnificent Empress Bec2K:

    Allow me to woo your ashless elbows with some fine web-rhetoric

    “You are having much talent at writing. I noticed that your On-Page SEO is is missing a few factors, for sexytime shoe are implicit. one you do not use all three H tag in your post, I also I notice that you are not forever using bold italics properly in your funs pic happy funk SEO optimization. On-Page SEO means more now than evernew Google update: Panda.”

    Yes. All your shoe-holder belong to us. That is all.

    Wait. I also want to say that I dig your funny, lady. Keep it up.


  11. Hey Becka! You never fail to amuse, often going so far as to evoke prolonged bouts of loud chuckling. Wanted to thank you for your continued support of the Brass Rag. We love when you come to visit.

  12. You’re right, if that other photo was of your elbows, then I would have been very satisfied with that, and my mind wouldn’t have needed to trick me into seeing anything else ;)

  13. LMAO….. I am convinced you’re crazy…. but in the best way. Thanks for making us all laugh, a life without humor isn’t much of a life!! Your poor hubby, course on the other hand, he’s prolly just as crazy – which….is a good thing. Keep up the humor – I’m sure many don’t see the humor, but for those of us who have ‘issues’ with ‘stupid’… yah…. we get you. Thanks for turning killer rage into killer humor. Atta Girl!!!

  14. HUBBA-HUBBA-HUBBA! As the Pharengi would say…remember Deep Space Nine, or Star Trek: The Next generation???…you’ve got “the ears”! Me? my legs are horrible…multi-colored! Only good part of me is my heart…when it is focussed on God!

  15. Hey, great post! Reminds me of a line in a Regina Spector song, which goes something like this:

    I’ve got a perfect body, though sometimes I forget
    I’ve got a perfect body cause my eyelashes catch my sweat

  16. You’re too sexy for your sclera, too sexy for your sclera…! Ditto your olecranon and auricle and those shoe holders, your distum pedis and plant (for the underside). Why, I guess you are just too sexy!…I am still LOL. Great post!

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