Dear Deer Readers

Dear Deer Reader,

Yesterday, I was listening to the following sound clip on Doggystyle’s blog. For those of you that can’t listen, which is a shame because it is greatness, it is a call into a radio station from a woman named Donna.  She is very concerned about the deer population crossing the street.  She is trying to raise awareness in the community so they will move the deer crossing signs to safer places for the deer to cross.  She suggested maybe asking the deer to cross in school zones.

I think she has a point.  We do need to change the crossing signs so that they are not near the highway.  I suggest maybe we move them to the middle of the woods, or maybe even to Middle Earth. Personally, I don’t know why deer hunters didn’t think of this years ago.

animials Dear Deer ReadersWe, the citizens of the world, need to take heed of this real life issue.  It is no laughing matter.  Then I started thinking there is a plethora of animals that are crossing in the wrong places. Those pesky armadillos are always in my way.  Those squirrels are beyotches.

We need to take a stand. Every comment on this blog is a signature on the petition.  This petition’s goal: to entice the deer to cross at crosswalks that are also for humans.

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Lady or Not…Here I Come!


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    I got hit by a 10 point buck, literally. Rutting season, chasing a doe, it came out of the dark, hit the passenger side front quarter, rolled, windshield (me), rolled, passenger side door (me), backdoor, etc. I got lucky with just bruises and knicks.

    Told gooseyboy to get out and load the damn thing in the car…after all that it was going to be my dinner! He was too chicken it would come to in the back seat, wuss…

  2. In Romania we have many many stray dogs and they cross the street properly. They even wait for the green color, unlike many Romanian humans. Maybe I should send some there to train the deer?

    • You see, Gators are the ugly step children of crocodiles. The crocodiles have started a movement to take away gator rights. They hope, soon, that people will stop acknowledging their existence.

  3. reaches millions, and they allow us to start our own petitions. I think this needs to be sent their way. I know a few frog and turtle populations that are getting seriously out of hand too. And those damn wild turkeys? They cross wherever they damn well like. This must stop!!

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  5. I move we place the deer crossing sign into the space her brain should be occupying. Clearly, there’s room… LMAO. I hope she becomes the crossing guard for the deer. I mean, we spend tax payer dollars on other things, like Rush Limbaugh’s libido issue. Why not employee this woman somewhere she’ll be appreciated? Hopefully, she doesn’t work anywhere critical our economy, like McDonald’s or Wendy’s…

  6. All I can say is….. wow, three bucks in one season..Hunter of the year!!! Your killing me Becca…haha
    i wonder if she had them mounted…i see 3 deer kills (little antlers) painted on her fender. i run on sorry..

  7. This is one of the greatest incidents ever recorded of pure, awesome, ignorance. The mere fact that she so strongly believes she is correct, is a force that causes great ecstasy in all things we think are funny.

  8. I just want to know where you are going to send this petition? Is it going to go to the Deer House or the Buck Senate? I hear those Elk are jealous and are pretty competitive lobbyists. They’ll get the NRA to pay for larger Elk and Moose signs and then the deer will retaliate by wanting toll crossings to segregate the Elk… everyone knows that Elk are in a lower tax bracket! I am not paying a child/deer/elk/moose crossings tax! I’m an American dammit! Where will this madness end???

  9. Interesting…I didn’t know that Deer could READ….No WONDER they ONLY cross at designated areas where there are signs…Maybe if we put up Deer Crossing Stoplights things would be better. What do YOU think?

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