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Today is Becca forgot to be funny Saturday, which fits in with the mood of the American nation.  Today, I decided that maybe I would share the softer side of me.

I am the hypothetical mom (my kids love when I say that, though my daughter calls me her “hypothical” mom) of an 11-year-old and an 8-year-old.  They’re 2 years and 4 months apart.  They both have my wicked humor and sarcasm.  So I do things like the note below to keep them out of the guest bathroom, and they laugh.  They, in turn, try to find ways to mess with me, and we all end up laughing and being silly.  The one rule in my house is no laughing, which leads to defiant behavior from every member of this family.

825 Family Style

Dear Hypothetical Children,
There is a giant flying spider in the guest bathroom. I, Becca, placed (well had it placed) it in there to keep you out! Go in there at your own risk (free will and all), but I WILL NOT RESCUE YOU! The cleaning ladies were just here.
Your hypothetical mommy.
Attached is a picture of the spider.


I forgot that I had left that note up since the cleaning ladies were here two weeks ago.  I have had guests with children twice since then.  What is fun is they read it and they may have a moment of fear, but when told that I was kidding, they are excited to be in on our pranks.  I love bonding with kids.  Since I am practically an adolescent myself, I tend to have the fun house to hang out at.

I hope you have fun with your kiddos.  My wish is that with all the hurt and tragedy going on around us, you all take the time to put your focus back on what is truly important.  How do you make your life fun?  What can you do to improve your relationships?

Christmas2 Family Style

Blessings from my family




Lady or Not… Here I Come!


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  1. You are such a cool mom. I don’t have children yet, but I am an English tutor and I have 7 students, all boys, between 6 and 13. I love them all and we learn English while fooling around a lot (I like fooling around and act their age). Yesterday, the 13 years old one started reading his first book in English, a Conan Doyle novel and I was almost crying. He has been my student since he was 5. Kids are the greatest thing in this world.

  2. I had a giant spider in my kitchen last night, and it flew across the parking lot when I tossed him out of the glass I scooped him up in. Anyway, very nice, meaningful post, thank you :)

  3. You are one cool mom! And you’re right…now is probably the best times to find the good and precious things in life and hold them close. Sounds like Christmas shopping and cookie baking are just the ticket for my household. :-)

  4. Thanks Becca. I appreciate the way you wrote this. Your voice is still there, as is the humor, but you were very able to let the “softer” side speak. I have 2 girls (8 & 6). Humor always wins. Even in tragedy. Just the way I deal with things. Be well.

  5. That was so funny. I made the mistake of reading it to the oldest now I can’t try that prank. The youngest would die of fear if I mentioned a spider though. I’m thinking on some prank to pull on them in honor of you today. Thanks for the funny moment.

  6. Yes, I told my son the other day if he didn’t do something that when it came time for him to go to prom, I would put my 80′s prom dress, chaperone the dance, and be sure and do the “Sprinkler” and other hip dances all night, just to embarrass him. He did what I wanted him to, because he knows I would do some crazy shit like that! ;)

  7. I’m sad too… and furious. If you want to do something about it, the next time somebody says, “Hey, why don’t we make it as difficult to get a gun in this country as we do to get a driver’s license and oh, by the way, you need to able to afford liability insurance the same way you do if you own a car,” stand up and make yourself heard as supporting it. No other country stands by while its citizens and their children are massacred and then says, “Hey, it’s our right.” Ken

  8. As someone who has witnessed your adolescent sense of humor up close and personal, I have no doubt yours is the fun house :D You are lucky to have your children, and they are lucky to have The World’s Best Hypothetical Mom.

  9. I’m glad you let your readers see this side of you; the tone and message are perfect for the day following such tragedy and horror.

    As for me not trusting you . . .

  10. i can’t say anything funny (i’m not funny anymore), or bad (but i am bad), or anything unkind or stupid or of anything value-added. nice post.

  11. Hey you’re an hypothetically cool person, you know… Enjoy the hypothetical Christmas celebration with your little ones and beloved husband… well, that’s if we don’t die all on the 21st LOL :-)

  12. A truly superb post. I am an adolescent too, well mentally at least. The teenage boy that I am is just well hidden in a 53 year old body. Ooops does that mean I have just revealed my secret identity?

  13. A fun and happy posting Becca
    and thank you for sharing this one :)
    HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you and
    all of your family and remember, be
    good, Santa is still watching :) lol

    Andro xxx

  14. We have lots of fun in our house. Just today, we went to buy a new dishwasher because I hate the one we just bought and are returning it. Oh yeah, family bonding here :)

    In all seriousness, it’s sad that it takes such a tragedy for us to remember to put our families first. I hope that everyone does take the time to hold each other a little closer, Nice photo of the fire. Makes me wish I had a fireplace!

  15. Nice tree! I was going to put lights on our gnarly bonsai that has served as our Christmas tree for years. I pulled out the lights, plugged them in, and they wouldn’t light. With life, the universe and everything competing for attention, I haven’t had time to get new lights. So much for decorating.

  16. :-) Kids hey…who would have them? Rather you than me…lol!
    OK let me be serious before I’m berated by someone who doesn’t know me and thinks I’m a kid hater.
    I do love seeing the other side of you Becca, super funny mamma.
    With the amount of kids I have, I have to have a sense of humour and use it in dealing with them too. ;-)

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