Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #5: Bro Date

An epic event is set to occur in the Beccaverse, one that could alter the course of history. Lady or Not… Here I Come‘s most dedicated editors and guest writers, the esteemed Rodney A. Worthington and Yours Truly, are scheduled to meet up in Denver tonight. Rod being a gentleman of refined taste, he insisted on forgoing the quick but boring route of flying from Oregon to Missouri, and instead is taking the time to smell the wintry roses, rolling across  the American heartland on a Greyhound bus.

He’ll know he’s in Colorado when he takes in the gorgeous sight of the Rockies’ peaks rising 14,000 feet above sea level, and a few hundred above the haze of legal marijuana smoke. I kind of suspected that he looked for a route through our magnificent state after Oregon defeated a similar measure in last month’s election. I don’t know if he does like to partake, but just in case, I want to treat him to a fine meal while he’s laying over here. Because I would never want to be thought of as that guy who lets his dates go hungry.

 Gentleman or Not... Here I Stay #5: Bro Date

I’m buying… just don’t get extra cheese, that’s a quarter more.

I’m really nervous though. It may be Sunday, but I’m not a churchgoer and I fear I may not have anything formal enough to wear to the Denver Greyhound Station. I mean, these people look like they’ve got higher standards than I can live up to.

DenverBusStation60210 Gentleman or Not... Here I Stay #5: Bro Date

Hey, there’s my homie in the Braves cap!

Seriously, though, what should I wear? I want to make a good first impression. Rod is 13 years my senior and I’m sure he already has certain well-deserved prejudices about the slackdaiscal© attitudes of Becca & I’s generation. If it were Jeremy, I know I’d wear flannel. But with Rod, I just don’t know what he’ll like. I think they like green a lot in Oregon, so I’ll wear green. It brings out my eyes, and will match some of the stains on the floor of the bus station.

I’m really looking forward to this. If you’ve read my previous posts you know I’ve been seeking out a Bro Date for a long time and of all the Bros I could meet, he is definitely the Rod-est of them. Totally Rodical. Of course, we know the conversation will be 5% politics, 4% religion, 3% teaching (our mutual profession), and 88% Becca, who is actively worrying about our conspiring. Truly, though, she set us up. She prodded Rod to email me as follows…

As our mutual friend has told you, I will be at the luxurious Denver Greyhound bus terminal on December 23rd from 5:35 to 7:05 PM (assuming no delays).  It would be awesome to meet you in person and gossip about said friend.  Please don’t wear the kilt; I might not be able to control myself.
To which I replied:
Ha, yes I heard you’d be passing through town. That is right before I go to the airport myself in the morning, so I’m not sure how everything is going to shake out yet schedule-wise, but I’d like to make it happen. Don’t worry, I never wear the kilt on a first date.
 ~Jason (who is awesome to meet in person)
And he in turn:

Well let’s see how your schedule shakes out, and whether or not I get stuck in a snowbank in Utah (modern-day Donner party?).  My cell # is (976) 1-HOT-ROD.  We’ll stay in touch, and hopefully the stars will line up.
-Rod (who sounds smarter on the Internet)

But she could be setting herself up. Find out next week…

Snootchie Bootchies,

banner manly 300x105 Gentleman or Not... Here I Stay #5: Bro Date

~”Never let the facts get in the way of a good story” (Mark Twain)~
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  1. This is obviously the apocalyptic event that the Mayans were trying to predict. Oh to be a fly on the wall or an ant on your shoe (ref. the kilt which apparently you have axed for this occasion). Just make sure you maintain that healthy balance of Beccattention or it may very well be the end of the free world. Have fun!

  2. I think everyone should seek a “Bro” to have a date with! I think the ball cap adds to the photo and the scene! Haha! You, Becca, and Rod are awesome additions. Happy holidays to all!

  3. You two behave now…I don;t wanna get a phone call at 4AM saying you two need a ride home. It would be OK…BUT….I’ll be drunk already and wont be SOBER enough to answer it…Have fun you guys,,,:)

  4. Sounds awesome. My wife has had her out of state girls weekends but I haven’t had my out of state guys weekend ever. I’ve wanted too but alas we have just never had the money for me to do that.

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend Becca :) Stringing up the Macaroni necklace today, and will give it tonight to my friend along with a picture I draw. He will be so pleased :P I even painted the macaroni, but I’m afraid they may be too small to string up–those very tiny elbow macaroni, I’m out of practice since kindergarten :/ Regarding the post, sounds like an adventure and makes me miss traveling all over the country via Greyhound or hitchhiking from hostel to hostel making new friends everywhere I went!

  6. Long Distance Bromances are difficult, so I hope you made this work. Of course, if you showed up in flannel, you’ll never see him again. Remember that he told you to not wear a kilt, which generally comes in a flannel design. So I’m not the only one who feels that way.

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