Lady or Not… Here I Come’s Rules for Resolutions feels obligated to give you advice for setting your resolutions for 2013.  While we strongly advise you to take this advice, we will not force our will on you.


Lady or Not… Here I Come’s Rules for Resolutions:

1.  Don’t set resolutions.

15017738 cute card on new year 2013 with funny numbers Lady or Not... Here I Comes Rules for Resolutions


Happy New Year,


Lady or Not… Here I Come!


Lady or Not… Here I Come’s Rules for Resolutions — 70 Comments

  1. Becca, that is in fact the best resolution, yet year after year I make other more foolish ones. I will try and keep this in mind the eve of 2014. Take care, Bill

  2. “Everything I tell you is a lie” (otherwise known as the paradox of the Cretan liar and employed by Mr Spock to vandalise a computer)

    Disobey me! That’s an order!

    Never, never, listen to what I say.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more! Unlike the crocheted toilet paper from one of your WTF Friday posts, this idea is fabulous :) Hope your new year is off to a good start, Becca!

  4. Simon7Banks has you figured out: if I resolve to follow your advice, I fail. The only safe thing to do is to pretend I didn’t read this post, and continue doing what I’ve always done: make no New Year’s resolutions, not because I’m resolved to do so, but because I’m just too damned lazy.

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