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Joylax: I have been trying to be a great blogger for a little over two years now
but I have learned that it takes time. After reading several blogs online,
I finally found Lady Or Not, one of the best blogs online that keeps you
laughing out loud from the start to the end. I still do not know what I
will do to reach that level but I sure know where to hangout when I want to
laugh my pants off. You go girl, you rock!!  From JoyLax Blog —

Strawberryblondambition: Lady Or Not is a great blog that brings humor and real life situations to light. Becca is great at staying honest about her feelings and not holding back. She says all those things you want to say to your facebook friends
but never do. Thank you Becca for giving us a good dose of humor and a
reality check weekly. -LaurenAshley

Mooselicker: Funny, topical, all over the place, and necessary for society to function normally, Lady Or Not is a blog worth reading. A wide array of subjected matter presented on a daily basis for us, the peasants, to enjoy. We are not worthy to be graced with such tremendous beauty and talent that Rebecca of Lady Or Not possesses.

She’s just gotten started with this new blog of hers yet has already managed to build up a loyal audience. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. It took Rebecca far less to become the expert blogger she is today.

Don’t kid yourself, you’ll never be as good, clever, or relevant to the universe as Rebecca has already become in such a short amount of time. Join the bandwagon now before your friends years from now call you lame for hopping on too late.

Peachyteachy: For those of you in search of a research assistant, I suggest that you check out the wealth of information that comprises’s blog.  Rebecca tracks down the essentials so that you won’t have to.  Trying to seem “with it” but can’t bring yourself to read Fifty Shades of Grey? The abbreviated ridiculousness is right here! Haven’t been able to find knitting directions for tampons? Or are they tampon cozies? You decide. It was here before it went viral on Pinterest. You will even encounter some great self-help advice on improving your self-esteem and body image as Becca relates the secrets of loving one’s own elbows.  Priceless.

VietVetTx: I visited your site. You are a very graceful writer, and damn funny. Funny is hard, and you made it look effortless.

I’m struck that you have a deep well of talent very much reminiscent of Diablo Cody.

I wrote screenplays for years and watched her win her Oscar. I was seething at how easy it came for her. Seething is a step below incredibly awed in some romance languages. Right above plotting homicide and stalking with intent to do bodily harm.

However, back to the topic, which is your writing. Very impressive blog and site. I bookmarked it. I will read there often, until you begin to charge and my check bounces.


the_lunatic: “I, actually, have been scoping out your blog. I am looking forward to devouring it tonight with my cheap wine. You are AMAZING and I may end up worshiping you. ;)”

Jasonwrites:  As I recently mentioned, I came onto thoughts just over a year ago. From July through the end of the year, I was hit and miss. I got a fair number of posts up during the summer, but once the school year began, I slacked seriously. I picked up again a bit when Thanksgiving break came around, and just after that, I posted a rant about education. It remains one of my most-commented-on posts, but it is of particular note to me because it was the first time a very special person left me a comment, the first comment she wrote on thoughts, as it turns out.

That person is Rebecca, who goes here under the screen name Rebecca2000, which has always given me a chuckle, because it makes her sound like a robot, an improved model over the Rebecca1000. She is anything but. She is perhaps the most human person I’ve ever known. By that I mean not something so simplistic as she “wears her heart on her sleeve,” though she does. She is just… real, in this virtual realm wherein we are always questioning if people are what they appear or project themselves to be. I had nary a shred of such doubt when it came to Rebecca from the very beginning of knowing her. There is just a sincerity and genuine quality about her that few possess.

Rebecca and I clicked from the start, and became fast friends. Now, she has befriended many here, and I have always been in slight awe at the ease with which she does so, but again, I think it speaks to her forthright humanity. Rarely do you find a person who has no problem speaking her mind without sugarcoating, yet at the same time is willing and able to listen to others speak theirs with an open mind and heart.

Like most of us, Rebecca joined this site to write and express her, well, thoughts. She has always been exceedingly modest about her talents as a writer, while extolling the talents of others, not least of all myself. I have always admired her modesty but felt it unbecoming, because she is talented. She may claim that she does not turn a phrase so deftly as other wordsmiths in this locale, and that her composition is rife with technical errors, but these, even if true (which I would debate) are trivial concerns. The truth is, Rebecca’s writing makes readers think, and perhaps more importantly, feel. I, along with many others I know, have been moved to both hysterical laughter and baleful tears at her posts, and I don’t know what more a writer can hope for!

Because she is indeed so talented, much as she may doubt it, the staff of has seen fit, and fairly so, to make Rebecca a Featured Blogger. So I want to take this opportunity to express my pride in my dear friend’s achievement! Because she is a dear friend indeed, not only to me, but to many here and elsewhere. She has shown extraordinary patience with the site’s transition, and has led the way in asking the inquiring questions we all want to know the answers to in regards to the new site.

But more than that, she is, indeed, one of the best friends one could ask for. She listens, she consoles, she supports, but more than that… she makes one feel nearly limitless in what one can achieve by living by her example: rather than letting life buck you off and throw you to the ground, grab life by the horns and don’t let go until you wrestle it so hard that you control it, rather than it controls you.

Fare finely, fair featured friend!

Jason O’Quinn—

Grammar God/Biggest Pain in the Ass, Teacher, Editor, Blogger, Writer, critic, and columnist.


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  1. Hey Lady, I’m a newby to alot of this but checked out your blog and look forward to your warped humor. Read the blog about your sis’s truck…what was the outcome on that crap? Keep up the chapping of hides….Yuccoloco.

    • I am glad you enjoyed it. The truck, well they found it broken into pieces. The insurance company doesn’t want to give the full amount of the trucks value to them. They are still working on it. Thanks for asking.


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