Recently, Jerry Stolarski asked me to post about Nasal Orgasms. I told him I would, but didn’t have the post planned yet.  I have often thought about sneezegasms: that powerful moment when a sneeze is finally released. It is one of the few truly wonderful releases we have as humans, after orgasms but ahead of urinating after four beers.

Today, Jason a guy friend was having sneezing trouble.  He needed to sneeze really bad and couldn’t.  The neti-pot drowning device wasn’t working either. I told him I had a suggestion, but it might be a little embarrassing.  With intrigue and trepidation, he went ahead and asked what it was.  Desperation was his middle name.  The pressure had built up and he needed relief.

I told him to go to the drugstore and by one of those mini-bullet vibrators and use it on the outside of his nasal cavities. It is sweet relief (and can be used on the ears too).  He did it and even authorized a picture.

Video call snapshot 4 Sneezegasm

It’s pink!

What a great friend! He sneezed repeatedly on camera with me.  He is now a happy camper.  This is an actual sneeze I caught. His sneezegasm happened. Will yours?

Sorry I forgot to be funny, but it is Saturday after all.

award Sneezegasm










Lady or Not… Here I Come!

Jason was sweet enough to let me poke fun of him check out his blog post today:


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  2. Very strange. I didn’t know that would happen. I’m really intrigued as to how it works for ears?? To help pop them? I’m the first one here!!?? I can’t believe it…

    • I don’t know. I discovered both at the Chiropractor. They used this thing that vibrates called a percussor. It was like magic fingers on my ears. It scratches those itches you can’t reach. It feels amazing.

    • lol. I do know the sun causes your neurons to misfire and some people sneeze. This isn’t always the case and happens more often in children. Okay my science nerd is showing… I need to cover up.

  3. You take friendship to a whole new level. I love you dearly but I am not sure we will ever be at a place in our relationship where I could have you watch and talk me through multiple ……gasms while I play with my bullet. If that ever changes I will be sure to let you know.

  4. Just remember Jason, that lil’ bullet is for sneezing and itchy ears only. If Becca tells you to shove it elsewhere, well… okay, if you’re into that thing but… well, then again even if you’re not…

    I gotta go, I just remembered something I forgot at the drugstore.

  5. I would say pepper might do it to jumeirajames! Also, to Becca, you are always a blessing and ready to help your friends. So nice when you help with a little bullet vibrator suggestion! Gotta love it!

    • Oh! scratchgasms! I think, Oyia, you are up to sth here. I can relate, so could my dogs and my cats and even my birds but my fish rather not, not to mention my reptiles and as to my kitchen’s cockroaches I must confess I am too lame for field work.

  6. You have a “Like” button! I’m going to miss clicking your little thumb……. ;) Sneezegasms? I have never experienced that. I have sneezed so hard I almost blacked out though. Not sure what to call that….

  7. Becca. Because I sneeze in series does that make me a multi-sneezegasmist??? Curious minds want to know! If so I will have to change my way of thinking about all those damn sneezes, which until I read this I always thought of them as a PIA. Regards, Bill

  8. “He sneezed repeatedly on camera with me.”

    That reads that the two of you sneezed repeatedly together on camera.

    To sneeze alone is good
    to sneeze together is divine
    to sneeze repeatedly together is ecstasy
    to capture this on camera is pornographic
    and worthy of wide distribution
    and certainly will be a box office sucess
    and you will will rake in millions
    and that will be nothing to sneeze at

  9. I’m so glad that you have a “like” button now. Sorry if I missed a previous post explaining why you didn’t, but… why didn’t you? What were the WordPress police doing to oppress you in this heinous way?

    • lol look near the sharing buttons. You see above the comments where it says: Facebook, twitter, google +, linked in, etc the very last one says like.

  10. Well, this sheds a whole new light on the 7 dwarves: I don’t feel sorry for Sneezy anymore because he was just getting off. And since you told us the true story of Snow White a while back, I now understand what he and his “sinus relief aid” were doing under her dress. Fish allergies, my arse.

  11. I don’t like sneezing. I used to have a friend who would stick the pointy end of a comb up her nose and wiggle it around until she sneezed. Now I know why.

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