People Strike Again

Let’s say you were bad at spelling and basic communication. Then let’s say you went to high school with a blogger named Becca. Then let’s say we quit saying let’s say.

I thought all of the Lady or Not… Here I Come! readers would appreciate this actual status she saw on Facebook yesterday

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LoN Advice for Writing

I am often asked where my blogging ideas come from. They come from my head, genius!  Really though, I have a knack for writing.  I am practically perfect at it.  So, I know you want to know my secret to having a successful … Continue reading

Rack Up That Vote

This post is going to suck. Don’t forget, I forewarned you.  It is Saturday and I am not allowed to be funny. It is my proverbial “day off” for the week. (I just deleted a sentence here because it sucked so hard).  So read on at … Continue reading