Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #5: Bro Date

An epic event is set to occur in the Beccaverse, one that could alter the course of history. Lady or Not… Here I Come‘s most dedicated editors and guest writers, the esteemed Rodney A. Worthington and Yours Truly, are scheduled … Continue reading

Bro Seeks Bro: Thanksgiving “Date”

If you’ve been a long-time reader of Lady or Not, Here I Come, you may be familiar with my previous posts in this series, Bro Seeks Bro (Parts I & II). Well, yours truly now finds himself home alone for … Continue reading

Bro Seeks Bro

Jason writes about his quest for new male friends. Part I of an ongoing series‚Ķ So, as a recently divorced dude, I find myself living alone and, well, just plain alone, a lot. I suffer from a serious lack of … Continue reading

WTF Friday #6

Real Products: Treating our pets like people has been taken to the next step. You can now buy pet sex toys. ¬†Source Dogs have sexual needs or domination problems, which push them to climb on various object such as cushions, … Continue reading