Mad Moms in Minivans

Mostly, my children sacrifice for my sake. My kids know that my (minivan) swagger wagon is what brings all the boys to the yard, so they trash it to make me less attractive. They litter their dirty clothes around the house so that I can make my voice useful and yell. They even break my furniture because they know I love to shop, …

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Beachy Becca is Back

This week I joined my hubby’s mother’s side of the family (25 in total) for a family reunion in Raleigh, NC. There were many stories to be told, but they will be rolled out slowly and with lots of veils … Continue reading

Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay: Becca Call

I’ve now lived with Becca and her hypothetical family for over two weeks and it’s working out excellently. To be honest, though, there is a bit of a learning curve. I’ve had to adjust to certain customs and expectations; below I share the top ten list (so far).

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Becca-ism #76424

I think push up pops were invented by someone with left over sherbet they didn’t know how to use up.  Frustrated, they gave up, went to the toilet and saw their kids had left the cardboard on the toilet paper roller.  There were also about five of … Continue reading

Family Style

Today is Becca forgot to be funny Saturday, which fits in with the mood of the American nation.  Today, I decided that maybe I would share the softer side of me. I am the hypothetical mom (my kids love when I say … Continue reading

Things that make you go Duh

My husband sold his car and left the garage remote in it.  That wasn’t such a bad mistake since he sold it in a different city that’s pretty far away from us. When guests were visiting they saw that he was programming the … Continue reading

Becca-ism #141

Parenting though humiliation breaks a spirit.  Parent with love and a child will flourish. I believe in discipline. I don’t believe that includes hitting, name calling, or humiliation. If I ask my kids to jump they ask how high. This … Continue reading