March Madness FTBFS

I informed him that I wasn’t going to write about a game that was invented to get toddlers to clean up their toys. Then, …

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Doctor Who?

“Hi, this is Doctor____.” I was puzzled why was a doctor calling me. “I didn’t call a doctor, I replied. ” I am with ______ Chiropractic Care.” I was quite puzzled, as they are not doctors, but as I am a fake doctor myself, I didn’t correct him. I figured he read my blog and decided to call himself one too.

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FTBFS: Cold Feet

It was a dark and stormy night.  Well it wasn’t stormy, and only sorta dark, but you get the picture.  That night was last night. I was feeling all calm and happy because my house was clean and I didn’t … Continue reading

Football Sucks

Today is Becca forgot to be funny day… yep, again. Today we will talk about football.  I am currently in the process of smiling and nodding as a friend prattles on about fantasy football. I haven’t heard from my husband … Continue reading

Nitrous Nympho

Most people hate going to the dentist.  My friends and family seem to feel it is a drag. Personally, I love going.  I seem to get all the attention – even over other patients – and the assistants love to sit with … Continue reading