Single and Not Looking, ThankYouVeryMuch

Why is it that when you’re single, everyone always assumes that you’re looking? It’s also assumed that your desperation level increases with age. This all adds up to people trying to set you up on dates. These people may be … Continue reading

Who’s Been Sleeping on My Pillow?

These mental crabs are getting annoying, so the only way to scratch the itch is to write this post. I travel a lot: vacation, to see family, to see friends, or any other reason to move my baggage around.  Whatever … Continue reading

Death by Neti-pot

This is cold, flu, and allergy season (Groan, Becca is actually talking about this crap).  No one likes to deal with the ugly, snotty mess of people that comes with this time of year.  Everyone acts as though their lack of health … Continue reading

Bro Seeks Bro, Part II

So, Becca is off tonight doing some girl thing. I always get suspicious of “girl things.” After all, they can bleed for a week and still live. Alright, that’s more girl parts, and when I say “girl things” I mean when girls … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest: Anonymously Yours

Since the the beginning of time, or since I made it up, I have wanted to start a website (copyrighted here so not stealing the superb idea!) called Anonymously Yours. Sounds strange huh?  It isn’t strange; it is brilliant, mostly because I made it up. … Continue reading

Be Funny, Funny Woman

It is Saturday, most people with lives are out at soccer games, with friends, or drunk off their butts at 7 AM.  Well that is, of course, unless you’re a married man, in which case you should be doing one of fifty mind numbing … Continue reading

Bro Seeks Bro

Jason writes about his quest for new male friends. Part I of an ongoing series… So, as a recently divorced dude, I find myself living alone and, well, just plain alone, a lot. I suffer from a serious lack of … Continue reading

Ugly Betty Does Dallas

This weekend was my high school reunion.  We are all as young as a baby’s butt but as stunning as…well, me.  I found it fascinating seeing people I graduated with…last year.  We had missed each other so much and were happy to … Continue reading

Someone Very Special Has a Birthday Today!

Written by guest writer Jasonwrites We Americans are often accused of being narcissists: obsessively in love with ourselves. This age of facebook, twitter, blogs, and personal websites has only made the problem worse. Anyone and everyone can share every little … Continue reading