Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #16: Where to Find Your Next Date

Dear Jason,
I have been trying to find new places where I can meet decent, attractive, single women. I’ve been told that grocery stores, libraries, and church are the best alternatives to the bar scene. As someone who is obviously an expert on women, where do you advise I go?

Desperately Dateless

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Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #15: Of Orgasms and Brussel Sprouts

When anything in sex becomes an obligation, it’s no longer fun. So I say to them, “Dude, her orgasm is not like brussel sprouts.” It’s not something unpleasant to get out of the way so you can dive in to your steak.

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Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #14: Social Lubrication

They were discussing “social lubrication,” the things we tell each other to avoid awkwardness in our interactions. They are, really, a legacy of little lies which we tell so often that we don’t even realize we’re lying anymore. I made an instant connection: I had just replied to an e-mail from my brother the night before with, “I will try to call sometime this weekend.”

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Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #10: Tips on Wooing Women

As you no doubt picked up from last week’s Gentleman or Not installment, I have quite the way with women. My recent singularity has led me to rediscover  what I do best. So as a public service, I am presenting … Continue reading

Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #7: Bro Date Consummated

You will have to forgive me for not having too much to say this Sunday. I am a-quiver with excitement Because today I am flying to Texas to spend most of the week with Becca and her hypothetical family.  But … Continue reading

Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #4: Crafty Christmas Carols

Christmas music always puts you in the mood for the season. But after hearing these same songs year after year, I started to pay attention to the lyrics. I think there’s some very subversive things going on in Christmas songs, … Continue reading

Gentleman or Not… Here I Stay #2: Becca’s Great Expectations

So it’s Sunday, and that means I have to write for Becca. At this present moment, it’s early afternoon on Saturday; she’s already telling me that I should be done with this post. Even though it’s still over 10 hours … Continue reading


Very few people know how close we came to the end of the world as we know it last Monday, October 1, 2012, when reached a level of popularity that began a global domino effect. A tremendous traffic spike … Continue reading