“The Mother of all Meltdowns”

“When I have kids, they’re going to eat mostly veggies because that’s what they’re going to know.” Yeah, I was dumb.

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Family Style

Today is Becca forgot to be funny Saturday, which fits in with the mood of the American nation.  Today, I decided that maybe I would share the softer side of me. I am the hypothetical mom (my kids love when I say … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest: Bah humbug, Drug-Free America

Okay people….I put my pants back on to write this post, so you know it is important. First thanks to Jeremy at http://stealingpesosoutofmybrain.com/ for participating in Blogtoberfest.  It would mean a lot if you would check out his post. Let’s say, hypothetically, that … Continue reading

WTF Friday #8

Welcome to WTF #8  This means Ladyornot.com is 2 months old.  Thanks to all of you loyal readers. If you ever have suggestions for WTF Friday please email Becca at Rebecca@ladyornot.com …. Suggestions make her life so much easier. Real products You can … Continue reading

Becca-ism # 582

Teach your kids to do what you don’t like to do.  This way you don’t have to do that task anymore.  Cooking and cleaning are just the start.  Yard work is a must. The most important lesson, how to pour you … Continue reading

WTF Friday #1

Today’s post is a compilation of weird stuff from around the internet. You know how some people smell sour milk and then ask you to smell it?  That is what I am doing with you today, Instead of milk, you get … Continue reading

Becca-ism #141

Parenting though humiliation breaks a spirit.  Parent with love and a child will flourish. I believe in discipline. I don’t believe that includes hitting, name calling, or humiliation. If I ask my kids to jump they ask how high. This … Continue reading