Till Death’s Life Insurance

Nothing says middle school like white walls, green stained carpet, and cabinets that look like they were built by disgruntled orangutans.

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WTF Friday #49

Real Products: Ever feel like your bras are underachieving? Do they just cover your breasts and lift them up?  Do you wish your bra would get off it’s lazy ass and do more work?  Not me: mine is overtaxed and … Continue reading

WTF Friday #37

We all know my inner demons tempt me to pursue a life of crime. What I haven’t told you is that my life long dream is to be a chicken wing thief. It’s no longer an original idea, but it might be extra crispy. This week my dream was crushed by Boris Delisser who allegedly stole 10 grand worth of wings. He might be cooped up for a long. I suspect fowl play.

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WTF Friday #29

I about busted a gut laughing at this dubbed over infomercial. If you’re sensitive to content you may not want to… wait, if you’re sensitive to content, what are you doing reading this blog? It is a laugh until the very end.

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WTF Friday #21

Real Products: Ever want to sneak alcohol into a game, concert, or movie?  Now you can, in your pants.  This new product makes the wine bra look like it is for pansies. Personally, I find nothing hotter on a man than him … Continue reading

How to Properly Burn Bridges

We have all been there.  The job where your girlfriend got the promotion because she was “friends” with the boss.  You tried to be “friends” with the boss too, but you found his boob sweat too gross.  So while you … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest Dream

I procrastinated so much on my Blogtoberfest/Becca forgot to be funny post today, that you get to hear about my love affair with Johnny Depp. If you know me in person, you know that I have never really seen why women are so hot … Continue reading


Very few people know how close we came to the end of the world as we know it last Monday, October 1, 2012, when Ladyornot.com reached a level of popularity that began a global domino effect. A tremendous traffic spike … Continue reading