It’s Too Late Now! It Won’t Count.

If you’re a man, and lost your virginity, you know this phrase.  It translates to: No win situation. “It’s too late now.  It won’t count.” This is the phrase uttered by every female in existence.  I am sure even female dolphins … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest Dream

I procrastinated so much on my Blogtoberfest/Becca forgot to be funny post today, that you get to hear about my love affair with Johnny Depp. If you know me in person, you know that I have never really seen why women are so hot … Continue reading

Blogtoberfest: Ugly Cry

I bet you dudes have had the following moment.  Your lovely lady has insisted that you get some chick flick…worse yet, you use your Netflix video for Beaches.  You’re feeling great about yourself because you know this boosts your bankrolled … Continue reading

In Hot Water

Recently, I replaced my hot water heater.  It was a long time coming, because I couldn’t decide which brand to buy.  It took over a year, to be somewhat more precise.  I couldn’t decide on a brand because I made … Continue reading