Gentleman or Not…Here I Stay: SuperBeccaPowers

This past week I had the pleasure of taking a short beach vacation with Becca and her hypothetical children. I learned a lot during those four days and three nights, but what I was reminded of most is just how … Continue reading

Gentleman or Not…Here I Stay: Game On (or Off)

“I’ll tell you a secret about Becca. Once she shuts the bedroom door, then you can turn the game on. Then once she gets up, you just mute the volume, and then she’ll let you get away with watching the rest of it, most of the time.”

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A Little Too Independent

Today is the Fourth of July, in every country in the world! Here in Murica it’s our Independence Day, when we celebrate our freedom to choose between a propane or charcoal grill for the day’s barbeque. As you may know, … Continue reading

Single and Not Looking, ThankYouVeryMuch

Why is it that when you’re single, everyone always assumes that you’re looking? It’s also assumed that your desperation level increases with age. This all adds up to people trying to set you up on dates. These people may be … Continue reading

Gentleman or Not…Here I Stay: Oil my Gun

The other day Becca and I stopped by a Walgreen’s as she needed to pick up some items for her family vacation: shaving cream, shampoo, that kind of stuff. As we were walking down the aisle where the shaving cream … Continue reading

Dear Doctor Becca– Peck of ‘Penos

Next thing I knew I felt on fire. I started to panic, not knowing what was wrong with me. I told him something was wrong and how it felt. I started drawing a bath.

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A Day Not About Me

Then I had to sit around bored while the men had golfetball on. Something started them asking me if I knew the players other than Tiger Ginobili. They wanted to test my knowledge of the history of golfetball, to which I scoffed. I informed them that I had no idea who that was, but I was sure that he wouldn’t make me watch the Godforsaken game.

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Gentleman or Not… Here I Return!

I am back! Maybe for the long haul, maybe just for one week. Since I actually live with Becca and her hypothetical family now, it’ll be much easier for her to crack the whip on me… But I want to … Continue reading

Dear Doctor Becca– Mountains

He said, “I love white people. They do cool things like climb mountains.” All movement in the auditorium stopped, and several people turned to look at me.

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Driving While Invisible

Some people get into their car and it’s as though they have just stepped into an invisibility bubble.   They yell, call people names, pretend that the road is only theirs, and then get insulted when their fellow human beings do … Continue reading