WTF Friday #37

We all know my inner demons tempt me to pursue a life of crime. What I haven’t told you is that my life long dream is to be a chicken wing thief. It’s no longer an original idea, but it might be extra crispy. This week my dream was crushed by Boris Delisser who allegedly stole 10 grand worth of wings. He might be cooped up for a long. I suspect fowl play.

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WTF Friday #31

Real Products: If you want to show your classy parenting style, I suggest you dress your baby in onesies with cute sayings.  For the bargain price of $17.99 (click here) you can take the risk of having children’s services called on you with such sayings … Continue reading

WTF Friday #29

I about busted a gut laughing at this dubbed over infomercial. If you’re sensitive to content you may not want to… wait, if you’re sensitive to content, what are you doing reading this blog? It is a laugh until the very end.

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WTF Friday #24

Real products: Ever want to play Russian Roulette but chickened out? Now you can test how good you are at this game with a one of a kind Japanese toy. Instead of a bullet, you get kicked in the head! Who doesn’t need a kick in the head? (source)   … Continue reading

WTF Friday #21

Real Products: Ever want to sneak alcohol into a game, concert, or movie?  Now you can, in your pants.  This new product makes the wine bra look like it is for pansies. Personally, I find nothing hotter on a man than him … Continue reading

WTF Friday #13

Okay folks today is a special edition because it is the unlucky number 13.  But you see I hate social norms so for today the number 13 will be about getting lucky. Real Products: This doll may or may not … Continue reading

WTF Friday #10

For those of you that are new readers of you may be unfamiliar with the series WTF Friday.  We find products, news, and videos every Friday of weird and fun things from around the internet. Real products: This is … Continue reading

WTF Friday #9

Welcome to the return of WTF Friday.  Last week was the first week this lovely series was missed since its creation.  Onward and upward. Please take a moment to stop by He participated in the blogtoberfest activities and wrote a wonderfully fantastic story … Continue reading

WTF Friday #7

First let me start the day by saying that I guest posted on Stevenism’s blog today. Steven is the a Radio show host and Station manager of the station WSDIChicago. (click here to listen)  Anyway, he begged me to write … Continue reading

WTF Friday #6

Real Products: Treating our pets like people has been taken to the next step. You can now buy pet sex toys.  Source Dogs have sexual needs or domination problems, which push them to climb on various object such as cushions, … Continue reading