WTF Friday #13

Okay folks today is a special edition because it is the unlucky number 13.  But you see I hate social norms so for today the number 13 will be about getting lucky.

Real Products:

002 WTF Friday #13This doll may or may not have been purchased by a family member for a male child. When I was asked if I was to help redress the doll I was shocked that he had genitalia, but not really.  I labeled his parts as the spork of doll genitalia kingdom. It wasn’t quite a penis but wasn’t quite not one either. You judge for yourself.   Yes I felt like a creep taking this photo.


In the News:

Els Alamus 1746724c WTF Friday #13Spanish Prostitutes are now being asked to wear bright safety vests to reduce the chances of someone running their car into them.  From all the Halloween costumes I saw this year, I think someone needs to patent the street-walker vest.  Personally, I don’t think there is anything more sexy than reflective gear. You can read more about it here:

102711bucks WTF Friday #13The next story is near and dear to my heart.  LoN is adding this to her vocabulary.  The new word for rubbing one out is: Starbucksing©.  That’s right apparently a woman got caught “Starbucksing©” while high on cocaine. Read more here .  What I found more funny was that when googling the story I found out this is a big thing going around.  There is a man named “Mister Peepee” has vowed to masturbate (starbucking©) in every Starbucks in New York City.  So LoN suggests caffeine might be just the right aphrodisiac for self love.

Video of the week:

Lady or Not…Here I Come


WTF Friday #13 — 75 Comments

  1. Well, caffeine constricts your blood vessels, so… that doll IS creepy. I’ll have to watch the video later. It’s too bad WTF #13 didn’t fall on Friday the 13th. That would have been too much coincidental freakiness :D

  2. Something else is terribly wrong with that doll besides the genitalia there. What is up with the screws?

    You’d think the hooker vests would be more, um, formfitting. Yes reflective wear is quite sexy.

    I’ve never had any desire to do any sort of sexual activity in or around a Starbucks. Does that mean there’s something wrong with me?

  3. One of or goals while living in Madrid, Spain was to NOT GET HIT BY A CAR. We managed, but barely. Lots of crazy drivers, and lots of pedestrians were hit by cars in Madrid.

    What ever gets their rocks off. We had a guy who was ejaculating into yogurt at a local grocery store and giving it out as samples to customers. I believe he’s now serving time for serving those tainted samples.

    The switches (or whatever they are) on the doll are much weirder than than the genitalia.

    • I am glad you’re still with us Timothy and not run down by the Spaniards…but it would make a great story. Unlike salad.

      Ewww to the next guy.

      Yes but they are to make him swim.

      • I’d probably swim too if I had switches in my side.

        My wife wanted to know why only hookers had to wear vests, since everyone needs them. I suggested that maybe hookers are considered national treasures.

        I have lots of stories from Madrid that I believe are more interesting than salad.

  4. I have to ask someone (not a cab) to take me where the prostitutes are and see that live, it’s hilarious. I’m very curious as to whether or not they have to keep the vest while doing the dirty.

  5. you yankees are so far behind the social scene, so insulated not to know that every man, woman, and transexual has already achieved mr peepee’s dream, at timmy’s. just remember, we’re bigger and on top.

  6. When I first saw the doll thing, it’s shape and appearance was strange enough that I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be. I thought it was a weirdly shaped head with two eyes, a nose and a chin, but no neck, with large shoulders and arms growing out of the lower sides of it’s head… kinda like a vaguely disturbing vision from an acid trip on the verge of turning bad. But it’s a sort of anatomically correct little boy doll, and where I was seeing a nose and a chin, there is really a little penie and a nearly flat ball sack, and hey, I’m glad we got all that straightened out! Lol

    My reflection on Spanish Prostitutes wearing reflective vests, is that it’s for the best, so that these Ladies of the Evening in Spain can continue to make a living on their backs (or on their knees and elbows) instead of ending up dead on their backs in the street after getting hit by a truck. But hopefully school children won’t confuse the prostitutes with crossing guards who also wear reflective vests, and the johns won’t confuse the crossing guards with prostitutes, since this will only cause lots of conflict, confusion and controversy. As well as some offense taken, when some identities are mistaken.

    When I first saw mention of the woman rubbing one out at Starbucks, my immediate reaction was “How come this never happens at MY Starbucks? Huh?” But after seeing her picture and reading the details, I’ve decided to be more careful about what I wish for… Lol – And my message for the guy who wants to jack off in every Starbucks in NYC, is that while it’s good to set goals and then strive to reach them, maybe you should think more carefully about some better goals you could aim for. Oh and Hey! Stay away from the half ‘n half and the cream, ya feckin’ pervert! Sorry, but some things just have to be said!

    My personal experience is that higher levels of caffeine really can be a mild aphrodisiac, but the effects are more enjoyable when shared with a lover, than just going solo. So when “in the mood”, I will continue to get our Starbucks to go, then go home and drink it together in our bedroom, as a Cafe’ Latte Espresso form of foreplay. I’ll let others get wild and crazy with their caffeinated self love while “Starbucksing”. But just stay away from the half ‘n half and cream, you twisted sickos! Cause if I find out that you “used” it before me, there’s gonna be Hell to pay, and I mean it!

  7. Starbucksing© can be one of those guilty pleasures, but i believe the practioner should be discreet. definitely, not in public. think about the children. if s/he’s really desperate, s/he should hide behind the counter and not make any sound to attract attention. :)

  8. well-intentioned or not, i’m glad some governments acknowledge dangers of the sex trade for the prostitutes instead of ignoring the whole institution. i wish we had more protection for those in the industry. getting hit by a car is not the biggest risk out there.
    sorry, not a funny comment, just wanted to say this.

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