WTF Friday #21

Real Products:

freedom flask liquor bladder 4309 WTF Friday #21Ever want to sneak alcohol into a game, concert, or movie?  Now you can, in your pants.  This new product makes the wine bra look like it is for pansies. Personally, I find nothing hotter on a man than him pouring booze out like he is peeing. You can own this item for $24.95.  (source) 


pow3lj7r401b30k WTF Friday #21If you’re one of the few people who like to use a fork while eating pizza, this is the product for you.  You can eat and cut your pizza with this invention. Who wouldn’t find this super easy to use? (source)

In the News:

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Man… I thought the plane was following me because I am so hot!

Ever try to see your house while flying on an airplane? Well recently a pilot was flying a plane over his home and he spotted a truck in his driveway. He hovered over his home and watched the guy try to break in. When the thief left he followed him in the air while calling the police. (Source)



Video of the week:


WTF Friday #21 — 80 Comments

  1. Given the way I feel about beer, that first item is basically a recycling device.

    If it snows, I hope you stocked up on snowman arms; you could make a bundle.

    And I’m thinking Jason stole your video and sold it on 6th Street.

  2. I’ll go for the fork. Bc you said it is super-easy to use and bc I believe you absolutely. I believe in you. I believe in forks and to top all that: I believe in pizza.

  3. Becca, I know that’s one beer I will never drink. The fact of the matter is the plane does follow you because your hot. Well maybe not hot but at least luke warm. But don’t worry the plane will only follow you for a little while. — Take care have a great day, Bill

  4. I tried to share my beer with my date, but when she got down on her knees to have a drink…
    ….I realized I don’t own one of those contraptions, but neither of us minded :P

  5. Definitely some WTF-worthy selections in this one! That first one, with the beer-peeing thing … just … wow. Where and why do people come up with these things? LOLz

  6. I am liking the pizza fork. It has potential for … oh wait I am letting my alter ego show. Never mind! Ignore the man behind the curtain!! Thanks for a haha as usual!

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