WTF Friday #23

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 WTF Friday #23Ever get tired of taking care of your toddler so you let your ipad babysit them?  Then the day comes when you have to choose between allowing them to use the ipad or learning to use the potty? In the past, parents just tied their kids to the potty, but there is no need for that anymore with the new iPotty. The kicker… the potty has a splash gaurd to save your truly valuable ipad. You can get this for the convenient price of $39.99 (source)

colin furze worlds fastest carriage thumb 550xauto 109743 WTF Friday #23Ever been on a stroll with your baby and wondered if you could go faster?  Then you run with your baby, but that still isn’t fast enough.  You are probably wishing the stroller could go over 50 mph. Your wish has come true. Collin Fruze built the “Mad Max Stroller” that goes up to 53 mph. He said it only took $750 dollars to build.  I know that is faster than some bicycles. (source)

convertible sosia sofa seat 6 WTF Friday #23I found this sofa and now think I have a lazy couch.  I swear mine does nothing. It sits there and looks the same all the time.  An Italian company called Campeggi srl makes this sofa and it speaks for itself. The prices are only available by request. I didn’t request.

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 WTF Friday #23

Can’t breathe…can’t….b..

Ever get annoyed with your significant other and couldn’t decide the right way to get rid of them? Then you think, hmmm what is a creative way to kill them?  I know I want to use one of my sexual parts.  It is pretty hard to use genitals but how about… MY BOOBS! THAT’S IT! And then you try to smother them with your boobs.  If you haven’t done this, then you can live vicariously though Donna Lange who is accused of trying to smother her boyfriend and kill him through mammary attack.  Read more here…

 WTF Friday #23Ever wonder if porn is really addictive?  According to Gina, the chimp, it is.  She was given a chance to watch several channels and she choose to watch porn.   Why?  Who the heck knows?  I saw an article about a porn-addicted chimp and I ran with it. That little beyotch is a ho. Read more here…


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Lady or Not… Here I Come!


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  1. As for the article about the chimp, I have to say that I think porn is disgus[BZZZZZ] . . . uh, well I certainly never look at por[BZZZZZ] . . . okay, putting lipstick on Gina is really gross[BZZZZZ] . . . Hey! What are you saying? No way do I want to make it with a chim[BZZZZZ] . . . I’m shutting up now, even though you didn’t ask me to.

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  3. Holy Shit I want that couch!!! It’s like a grown up fort! I want to play :( I bet the chimp liked the porn because it’s human behavior it can identify with, very primal. Distracted now thinking back about the couch…wanting to play…porn…wait! What have you done to my thinking processes? lol

  4. Becca, It is a good thing I always open WTF Friday’s with an open mind. I never know the direction, the distance or the mode of travel. But there is always a destination. Thanks for the smile, take care — Bill

    • Awww I try not to be too gross now. Sometimes I can’t help it… so if you have a direction you want me to go feel free and send me wtf news items so I can use them. ;) Or videos, sometimes those are difficult to find.

      I always love to your shining smile on your avatar when you leave a comment. You’re so sweet. ((Hugs))

  5. My toddler takes my ipad to the bathroom, props it up on the big toilet (lid closed), and pulls his little plastic potty up to view! This was the only way I could get him to try the potty. Looks like my genius has been replicated….ipottie…..would be a damn fine product.

  6. Thank you for my laugh of the day!!! I truly look forward to the stuff that comes out of your mouth and lands on the computer screen. Here I thought I was the only crazy woman who gives my toddler the ipad to entertain herself. This is scary, cool but scary.

    I must admit that being a big boobed girl myself I found the death by mammaries strangely fascinating. I think I will print this out and leave it on the husband’s pillow…give him something to consider for the next time he pisses me off.

  7. I’m guessing the baby in that carriage will be the first to be arrested for vehicular manslaughter when it runs over that old lady down the road. But it’ll do a few years in juvie and be back just in time for Barney.

  8. I have worked with primates… they are nasty, nasty, nasty! No problem whatsoever whipping it out and going off in public either. Eww! Chimp porn does not surprise me. Just one more reason to believe we’re all related…

    Death by Booby. I can just see that on someone’s headstone, lol!


  9. Iwant one of those sofas! Sign me up! …i want it to shape itself into a big pillow that wraps itself around me also :)…and it has to smell like my favorite perfume. :)

  10. WTF?!? I feel so cheated by my sofa now. *sigh*

    And that video! I’m still laughing.

    But the stroller and the potty … just … no. Some things are not meant to be. o.o

  11. I really hope men will consider mammary attacks scary instead of sexy because it is the only chance girls with small boobs have to become popular. I mean, I am waiting for my turn to run the show since I was 14 (that is when they stopped growing) :)))))

  12. Well, chimps are one of the only other species to have sex for recreation… And I’m an ass man myself, but if I’m going to be smothered, yeah I think I’ll go the boob route. :D Life would be very interesting with that lie detector around!

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