WTF Friday #27


Pp pads WTF Friday #27Ever want to bleed for your country, but didn’t want to risk death? Here is your chance, but only if you’re female.  Wait… isn’t wearing the flag unpatriotic?  I don’t know, but I wish I had found these before Valentine’s so you could have given them to your lady love.  Nothing says I love you more than bleeding on the flag.


smile WTF Friday #27

Because smiling is so difficult

We all know how difficult it is to smile.  I remember my second grade teacher telling me it takes more muscles to frown than smile.  I don’t care… it takes soooo much work. Now there is a product that is like weight training for your mouth (Get your minds out of the gutter).


cat headphones WTF Friday #27In overzealous pet owner news, you can now buy headphones for your cat.  Yes, nothing makes a cat happier than having your dumb-ass music piping into their sensitive ears. People, I adore my pets.  But if you want a child, here is a link to foster care.  I was a foster care child myself.

In the News:

golfer WTF Friday #27In tough ass chicks news: Daniela Holmqvist, of the ladies European gold tour, got bitten by a black widow spider a couple of days ago.  She felt a pain in her ankle that was more painful than a bee sting. She looked down and saw a black widow and flicked it away. What does a golfer do when they know they were bitten by a poisonous spider?  They stab themselves with a golf tee and squeeze out the venom and continue to golf. Read more here…

funny vampire WTF Friday #27There are really vampires among us.  Really.  A man in Turkey cut himself with razor blades and then drank his blood.  Soon he became addicted to blood as a lifeforce. He had his dad collect blood from blood banks to drink. Read more here…

Video of the week:

One my readers suggested this.  I have shared it with a few of my gay friends, and they said, “Yup, that’s about right.”  I had a good laugh because I feel the same way about vaginas except for mine.  We are great friends. Enjoy.


WTF Friday #27 — 82 Comments

  1. I owe everything I am to my vagina also. I loved this week’s theme. From the forced smiles of young gay men thanking vaginas to the tough assed venom sucking golfer chicks who would happily bleed all over your national flag as a result of having their vages sliced by an overstimulated pussy that hates the current playlist from Korn. I draw the line at alluding to them drinking their own blood. Outstanding research once again.

  2. I pledge allegiance to the rag . . . er, flag.

    Collette doesn’t seem to mind my music; she’s certainly never referred to it as “dumb ass”. However, I must agree that buying feline headphones is going too far: ear buds are quite sufficient.

    I too feel the need to thank vaginas . . . in person. And no, they don’t remind me of chattering teeth, or a cold watermelon. WTF indeed.

    Is there a statute of limitations on sea roaches?

  3. “I don’t mind them.” “A lot of people have them.” “It’s soft, it’s squishy.” “It’s like a grilled cheese sandwich.” “There’s a lot of things in there.” “I owe everything I enjoy in this life to vaginas.” “Thank you vaginas.” LMFAO hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Wow, I didn’t think there could be anything dumber than Patriotic maxipads. And then I saw the headphones for cats. Those poor kitties. As if having to wear ugly sweaters and bonnets wasn’t bad enough.

  5. LMAO! From my lips to your vagina. Thank you, Vagina! Hilarious.

    As for patriotic pads….wow. I think that may be the wrong kind of blood to honor the flag.

    And the heal it herself golfer? Mad props for being a badass.

  6. Wow, I almost made it through an entire week without reading a blog post by a woman that mentions her vagina in a non awesome sexual way, her uterus, or her special time of the month! Friday is the new record! Lol.

  7. There sure is a whole lot about pussies in this post, but I’m sure the one with the headphones is listening to this classic: … no doubt employing the “Dog Isolating Technology.”

  8. Becca, BTW did being 44th funniest Mom get you at least a flower in recognizion??? I am so glad for the weekly product page, it immediately tells me what to avoid. Take care, and have a great day — Bill

  9. Oh and I’d probably be as annoyed to describe a penis by the way… you know, that… er… thing that from noshape goes to something annoying with a shape…

    Hey try to describe them both yourself, you’ll see :-P

    And please save me the bio-class drawings :-D

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